2 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

I am a passionate game developer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Have almost 2 years of working experience in the game industry. Was involved in the development of a minecraft-like game with a multi-million audience worldwide mainly using Unity 3D engine and C# programming language. Took part in several activities, such as adding new features, bug fixing and optimization.
- Have experience in integration of different SDKs (advertising, analytics) of such providers as Appodeal, Google Ads, Firebase, Fyber, etc.
- Have some experience in writing HLSL shaders
- Used several Unity plugins (e.g. TextMesh Pro, Native Plugins from Stan's Assets, DOTween)
- Used Git. Mostly GitLab with the use of Sourcetree client and built-in functionality of some IDEs
- Used different IDEs, such as: Visual Studio, Android Studio, Xcode, Rider
- Used Jira, Slack
- Have some knowledge in several branches of math, such as trigonometry, geometry and linear algebra


Unity3D, C#, Game Development, Unity, GameDev, Git, OOP, Jira, Android, .NET, English, С#, Unity UI


The fact that I was able to quickly get into big-scale project with complex, legacy codebase without any commercial experience and to become an important employee of my company despite of the fact that at that time I was still finishing my graduation project for Master's degree.

Looking for

I'd love to work in a game development studio with passionate employees, who love game industry the way I do. I don't want to create another hidden objects, slots or match-three. I prefer working for a company with its own project rather than outsource. But it all depends on the projects themselves and the attitude of people within the company.

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