2 years of experience · English Intermediate

Python (Django, Flaks, Rest API, DRF, SQLAlchemy, Redis, Celery, gunicorn)
Front-End (JavaScript, Jquery, React.js, Bootsrap, html, css)
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
System Administration (Networking, Docker, Zabbix, Jira, Linux, Cisco, etc)

JavaSript (React.js, Vue.js), CSS, HTML
Others: Jira API, Zabbix API, basic knowledge of artificial neural networks, English ~ B1


Python, Linux, OOP, REST API, Bootstrap, Django, JavaScript, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Flask, HTML5, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy, Celery, Redis, Django REST Framework, Docker, docker compose, React.js

Looking for

I want to work on the development of backend systems, just as machine learning interests. I love living communication and teamwork. Interesting to work in a product company in a good team. Hate overtimes. Love discussing and coding. Looking for a company where management is interesting of developer’s technical skills improving

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