English Advanced/Fluent

C/C++, Qt, Visual Studio, Git, SQLite, Gtest


C/C++, Confluence, Jira, Scrum, Git, OOP, Qt, SQLite, STL, Visual Studio


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science;
Advanced C++ IT Education Academy course;

As optimization manager, designed and implemented the system for tracking writers' performance:
written a google script (js) code to automatically refresh all writers’ working space in a spreadsheet monthly, in one click, regardless of the number of writers.

Currently working on a gamification app that tracks daily work performance and time distribution between tasks, providing basic statistical insights into the data – for personal purposes.

Looking for

Looking for a starter (preferably intern/trainee) position to evolve my skills in algorithms, databases, maths, and general programming via game development, software engineering, or statistical data processing and generalization.
I believe that as long as your company provides opportunities to learn, I will make up a valuable employee.

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