More than 10 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

Bilingual Copy-writing, editing, recruiting, team building, localization, team management, C2 English language proficiency, journalism, English & German technical translation.


copywriting, English, Localization, Recruiting, Microsoft Office, Strategic planning, Team Building, Team management, Technical translation, Adobe Photoshop, French, German, Team building


Almost moved to Bangalore to join the HackerEarth team as technical translator (project put on hold). (2016-17)
Organized several festivals and conventions (up to 8000 visitors/3 days).
XO of an international media contest for the disabled. (2014)

Looking for

Do want: Relocation, work visa support, challenging tasks, goal-oriented strategy, adequate co-workers and superiors.
Do not want: Conservatism, showing off instead of showing results and efficiency(the Russian way), confusing me with a secretary.

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