7 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Software developer and research professional with 7+ years of experience in both development and research positions. I make it my goal to create web apps with the user in mind, providing my UX and Web Platform expertise when needed.
While doing that, I’m creating highly readable and easily maintainable source code. I am constantly striving to learn new technologies and looking for ways to improve myself and surrounding in our rapidly changing industry.
Also, I’m happy to share my knowledge with the community via mentoring and public talks.


Git, JavaScript, React.js, Web Development, Agile, Babel, CSS3, Design Patterns, Node.js, PostCSS, Redux.js, webpack, Jira, TypeScript, HTML, ES6+, REST API


Developed own universal framework with SSR before it became a mainstream.

Started few projects from scratch till release and further, most of them are in production still.

During big "social network-like" portal redesign, developed it's main page with a tight budgets in performance, bundle size and terms.

Made a big impact to the newly released product, allowing it to meet deadlines while delivering all planned features.

Given a task description in few words, able to gather all requirements from different people in different teams and deliver this feature to production.

Deliver business value in product while maintaining high code quality. Helping teammates is a pleasure for me.

Mastering public speaking in a local meetups, have proved skills in mentoring and teaching.

Looking for

Looking for a great people to work with, established processes and efficient use of resources.

Not interested in Gambling/Ads industry.