More than 10 years of experience · English Intermediate

Have an experience of creating and leading a powerful team for the software projects as SaaS | BaaS, in games and blockchain areas.

- Leadership & communication skills;
- Product management;
- Software systems architecture;
- Expert in programming technologies;
- Backend architecture;
- Blockchain Architecture & Blockchain development (Golang, Java);
- Networking & Communication technologies;
- Gambling and Social Gambling;

Programming experience:
- Golang development 2 years (backend)
- Solidity for Smart Contracts (2 years)
- JavaSE (7 years), Netty (HTTP, WebSocket, Streaming, Ethereum/Bitcoin Blockchains)
- Objective-C – 4 years (iOS dev), Swift 1 year;
- JavaScript more than 5+ years, (React, XMLHttpRequests, CreateJS, Pixi.js, jQuery, WebSocket);
- PHP5/7 – 7 years;
- Solidity SC development;
- Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB;
- Big Data management;
- Games development exp. on HTML5, JavaScript, AS3, Objective-C(SpriteKit), Cocos2D, Java Android SDK, Golang
- Google Dart researching

Main advantage: launching projects of high complexity


JavaScript, Mathematics for Gambling, Project Management, Team management, Blockchain, HTML5, Java SE, Leadeship, Objective-C, PHP, Product management, Business development, Ethereum, MySQL, Solidity, Git, Linux, NodeJS, PostgreSQL


Working in IT sector for more than 13 years.
Have more than 12 launched projects

Looking for

Ambitious projects with innovative ideas and high requirements to quality

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