5 years of experience · English Intermediate

Linux: Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL
Web-servers: Nginx, Unicorn, PHP-FPM, HHVM, Node.js, Tomcat
Servers: Bind, OpenVPN, SSH
Databases: MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL, Riak, MongoDB
Virtualization: OpenVZ, LXC, KVM, Docker
CI/CD: Go CD, Jenkins, Travis CI
Configuration Management: Ansible, Chef
Orchestration: Kubernetes
Cloud: Heroku, OpenStack, AWS
Programming/Scripting: Bash, Ruby, Go
Issue & Project Tracking: Jira, Redmine, Youtrack
Monitoring: Zabbix, Bosun, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana
Methodology: Agile/Scrum, ITIL
VCS: Git (BitBucket, GitLab, Github)
Networking: vpn, vlan, nat, dhcp, ipv4/6
Languages: Russian (native), English


Linux, Ansible, Chef, docker, Git, GoCD (Continuous Delivery), Jenkins, Nginx, PHP-fpm, Redmine, ssh, Zabbix, bash, ElasticSearch, Heroku, Jira, Kubernetes, kvm, MySQL, Prometheus, Redis, RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Unicorn, BIND, OpenVPN, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Grafana, AWS, HAProxy


Master's degree in IT.
Experience configuring, monitoring, upgrading and maintaining systems hardware, software and related infrastructure in big projects.
Experience in administrating goverment IT projects.
Implementing CD system in highload project.
Experience in Full Management of Production, Pre-Production, Test and Development Environments.
Implementing ChatOps for effectively sysadmins, developers and QA work.
Good programming skills in Ruby and abilities to read programming code on different languages.

Looking for

A small distributed team working on a cool project, which is focused on the user. I am inspired by Basecamp and similar companies.

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