2.5 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

- 2 years experience of Android development (6 months for Java and 1.5 year for Kotlin);
- 6 months experience of Java development (most of the projects were personal/educational or freelance);
- 6 months experience of Unity AR development.

During this time I have been working on a wide range of projects, including e-commerce, financial and logistics apps with a complex UI, networking, local storage, location services, payments, etc.
Also, as a Unity developer, I took part in the development of a location-based game with Augmented Reality and Image Tracking.

Skills: Retrofit, OkHttp, ARCore, RxJava, Picasso, Glide, Firebase SDK, Google SDK, Room, Android Architecture Components, Coroutines


Android, Git, REST API, SQLite, Retrofit, kotlin, JSON, Room, MVP, OOP, RxJava, Jira, Firebase, SQL, Java/Kotlin, RXJava 2, Android Lifecycle Components, Realtime Database, Java, Gradle, MVVM, Kotlin Coroutine, Android Architecture Components

Looking for

My main programming language is Kotlin because it provides a fresh, faster and more efficient way of Android development, reducing the amount of boilerplate code, so I expect to work with Kotlin, but I can use Java if it's the project requirement.
I prefer using modern tools, including new features of Android SDK and its Support Libraries, Kotlin Android Extensions, Anko, Architecture Components.
Also, I'm in love with implementing beautiful UI, using modern and trending practices like "edge to edge" design, as the application's look and feel are really important to me.
I'm not going to work on applications somehow connected to a scam, fishing, unneeded sensitive data collecting, and other sorts of violations. Gambling and betting - the same.