5 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

Strong background in project management and customer support. Also have decent expertise in IT sales, so able to provide initial estimations, budget calculations and go through the negotiation process. Good knowledge of Scrum, Agile, and Kanban methodologies.

Key skills:
• 5+ years of hands-on experience with SDLC including feature planning, development, quality assurance, launch to post-production support;
• 3+ years of proven team leadership and management experience with teams of 2-10 people in hectic startup and bloody enterprise environment;
• 3+ years in requirements management and backlog management:​ creating functional specifications, user stories, etc.

• Advanced English level - more than 5 years of communication experience with native speakers, primarily US, AU, and CA markets.
• Successful interaction with problematic and edgy clients as well as customers who had unsatisfactory experience in the past.

• JIRA, Confluence; Gannt Chart tool; GitHub, Heroku, Asana, Trello, Slack, Zoho CRM, ERP systems, draw.io


Account Management, Customer service, Customer Success, Product management, Scrum, Agile, SDLC, Team management, Project Management, Requirements analysis, User Stories, Kanban, Communication, Risk management, Continuous Integration, People/processes coordination


Key achievements as a Project/Support Lead (Real Estate Tech startup)

• Implemented a system of receiving permanent feedback from users, resulted in the delivery of 7 new features throughout the year, which increased the average platform usage by half.
• Developed an On-boarding scenario, which turned into a part of the service that the platform offers.

Key achievements in b2c (IT sales - product sales) he USA, CA, GB, EU)

• My sales conversion varies from 37% to 51%
• More than $10,000 of the revenue made each month: always being in the TOP-5 list of the best sellers
• Developed a model of the 'buy-now' landing page that increased sales conversion by 5%

Key achievements in b2b project management (USA logistics market)

• Provided stable & efficient movement of 9 reefers throughout the USA during BPO
• Closed several deals with the biggest brokerage companies and obtained dedicated lane opportunities,
which led to the combined 20% increase in gross profit
• Gross profit of $80,000+ was made each month

Looking for

• Product company (Preferable)
• Flexible work schedule
• Remote job with rare business trips

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