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5 лет опыта · Английский Advanced/Fluent [?]

Strong background in project management and customer support. Excellent knowledge of Scrum, Agile and Kanban methodologies.

Good at description of complex concepts in simple terms, able to think out of the box with continuous improvement throughout daily tasks: 1000+ problem cases resolved, working as a support engineer & logistics account executive

Deep knowledge of customer approach and ITIL techniques: worked at b2b and b2c sectors both in startup companies and enterprise corporations


Account Management
Customer service
Customer Success
Product management


Key achievements as a Project/Support Lead (Real Estate Tech startup)

• Implemented a system of receiving a permanent feedback from users, resulted in the delivery of 7 new features throughout the year, which increased the average platform usage by half.
• Developed an On-boarding scenario, which turned into a part of the service that the platform offers.

Key achievements in b2c (IT sales (product)USA, CA, GB, EU)

• My sales conversion varies from 37% to 51%
• More than $10,000 of revenue made each month: always being in the TOP-5 list of the best sellers
• Developed a model of the 'buy-now' landing page that increased sales conversion by 5%

Key achievements in b2b (USA logistics market)

• Provided stable & efficient movement of 9 reefers throughout the USA during BPO
• Closed several deals with the biggest brokerage companies and obtained dedicated lane opportunities,
which led to the combined 20% increase in gross profit
• Gross profit of $80,000+ was made each month

Ожидания от работы

• Product company (Preferable)
• Flexible work schedule
• Remote job with rare business trips

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