7 years of experience · English Pre-Intermediate

7 years of web development experience. Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS, preprocessors (SCSS, LESS, SASS), JavaScript(ES5, ES6), Angular 2+, TypeScript, AngularJS, RxJS, SSR, NGXS, NGRX, React (Flux, Redux), Canvas, WebGL, ThreeJS, BabylonJS, Webpack, Gulp, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Ruby, Ruby on Rails.


JavaScript, HTML5, React, CSS3, SCSS, Redux, TypeScript, Angular, SASS, Node.js, OOP, Three.js, GLSL, ES6+, Babylon.js, LESS, rxjs, PHP


Worked with high-load projects both on the frontend and on the backend. Implemented SSR on Angular projects. Optimization and design from scratch architecture of isomorphic applications.

Looking for

My goal is to develop applications using new technologies and modern approaches, work in a large project or start-up, where I could realize my potential and increase my experience. Creating interactive pages with mindblowing animation and graphics.

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