9 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

2016-2019 Klarna Bank AB (Sweden) -
Team Lead for tooling and monitoring team - building platform and tools for alerting and monitoring. Python, Scala , AWS, K8S
Senior Software Engineer - building card platform (card lifecycle, transaction tracking). Scala(Typelevel stack) , AWS, K8S, Kafka
2011-2016 - Software Engineer (Mostly Java)
2008-2011 - Test/Automation engineer

Have good understanding of architecture of distributed systems. Have experience of being team lead, but prefer coding. Still on my way to fully understand functional programming.
Favor organized teamwork over working alone, however can handle any of those.


Functional programming, Kafka, REST API, http4s, typelevel , Doobie, Fs2, Cats, Cats-effect, terraform, AWS, Ansible, Kubernetes


1. Going into functional programming.
2. Been part of a team that created Card Platform from scratch at Klarna Bank.

Looking for

Functional stack (fs2, cats, http4s like) or approaching in nearest future
Healthy team spirit and work conditions.
Clear goals and tasks
Good vision of a product

All candidates Scala remote →