7 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

First time I sold, I was 12 y.o.
I was in school in 2000. Since that time it was understood for me that sales are my life path and I must be as good as I can in this field.
Real sales for a big company started for me in 2008. When I'm as a 2d year student applied to the job in the B2C field to "Euroset" company founded by Evgenii Chichvarkin. You definitely know this crazy and wisdom, marketing guy.
It was a really amazing school for me, with good teachers from their preparation center with real exams, sales scripts, deeper understanding of what sales are and with different types of clients, clients needs and sales techniques on "battlefields".
When I finished university as a Master of Computer Science in 2011, I decided to go to work in the IT field.
It was an SEO optimization company, where I get knowledge about how to work in an IT team with more than 20 people, how to negotiate with the clients, prepare company presentations and do some pre-SEO research. We had clients from different countries, but mostly from CIS.
My next job in 2012 was as a B2B sales manager at "Superdeal", one of the biggest discounters in Europe. It was a really interesting job with a lot of positive sides. I worked with business owners, decision makers, extraordinary people from different kinds of businesses in Ukraine. It was a team with 40+ people in different departments, but the company was new those days and we felt start-up spirit.
Work was fun until I decided to work for myself as an individual entrepreneur. I had a few projects from late 2012 until the end of 2017. 5+ years I worked with the US, Europe, China, Ukraine, Russian, Kazakhstan, and India markets, both with suppliers and customers from those markets. I had long-term relationships with customers and suppliers in the electronics and accessories fields. Worked on Amazon, Alibaba/Aliexpress, eBay and other markets. I've organized continuously delivery, lowest price and special offers with unique goods to my wholesale customers in Ukraine and US. I've found ways to get the best prices from China suppliers. We collaborated with many companies in Ukraine as a supplier, it was mid-size retellers. I had 3 people in my team and we did our best.


Sales Management, Project Management, B2B sales, International sales, Full-cycle sales, IT outsource sales, It sales, Direct Sales, Git, Ruby, Selenium WebDriver, Ubuntu, MacOS, Jankins, Jira, CRM, Communication Skills, English, B2B, Negotiations, sales negotiation, Linkedin, Business development, Account Management, Proposals preparation, Team player, Team management, Lead generation, Sales, Business Developement, IT Consulting, Business Growth, Customer Account Monitoring, B2C, Networking, Web Development, Leads Generation


That time I've traveled a lot visited almost every EU country for a few times. I've traveled as a couchsurfer to meet new people and to see how people lives, to see their culture and to feel like a local in every place. It was fun and I've got a lot of new interesting people with their stories.
In parallel with travels and businesses I tried myself in the crypto trading field with some guys-advisors I know, and it's my pain, cause I started it late and as I see now, on hype and put a lot of eggs in one basket.
After that, I understood that I need to have some more knowledge in IT and I spent from 6 to 8 months in the self-learning process. I've studied Ruby, Rails, QA, Selenium, web-scrapping, JS, security testing, etc.
For now, I back to work in a team in the IT field as a Software Development Consultant, to develop my skills in IT and as a Sales specialist with the international partners and a different size of companies from Startups with 5+ people to huge companies with history and 500+ employees.

Hope, my story was interesting for you and we will find some ways to collaborate.

I bet, I'll bring value to your company and we will grow with you to the next stage together.

Looking for

1) FriendFramework (Ruby, Selenium WD)
-GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/FriendFramework
Test task for Upwork company. Small, scalable friendly framework for web testing, based on Page Object pattern.

2) Dota2Tournament Test task for Starladder LLC (RoR, eRuby, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, AJAX, PostgreSQL)
-GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/Dota2Tournament-starladder
Simple app for organizing tournaments for teams

3) HomeMade Food (in progress) (RoR, eRuby, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, PostgreSQL)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/HomeMadeFood
- Heroku: homemadefood-co-uk[dot]herokuapp[dot]com
HomeMade Food is my own project, helping me to learn Ruby on Rails closely. An idea of this project is similar to other sharing-based marketplaces like AirBnB, Uber, etc. This is online marketplace for people who likes to cook at home and want to earn some money with this.

4) Notepad with twitter (Ruby, API, SQLite3)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/notepad
Notepad is a console based app which is used SQLite3 to store information, such as: link, text, post, memo and twitter posts.

5) Hangman (Ruby)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/hangman_v4
Simple console based version of paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players

6) Expenses tracker and Weather report (Ruby, XML)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/expenses_tracker
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/weather_report
Two simple console based XML parsers from scratch using rexml/document

7) Movie Chooser (Ruby)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/moviechooser
Simple console based app for choosing random movie to watch from IMDb chart - > TOP250. Used mechanize gem for automating interaction with website.

8) My Diary (Ruby)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/My_Diary
Simple console based version of handwritten diary book

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