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Меньше года опыта · Английский Upper Intermediate [?]

Ruby stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails;
WebDriver : Selenium WD;
Markup/Styling: Bootstrap, HTML/HAML, CSS/SCSS;
Database: PostgreSQL, SQLite;
Tools: RubyMine, Atom, Github, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Jenkins, DigitalOcean, Heroku;
Hypervisor sys: Oracle VirtualBox, Wine;
OS: MacOS, Ubuntu, Arch, Windows, Android.

FAMILIAR WITH (Basic Level) :
TDD/BDDR: RSpec, Cucumber, Watir ;
Ruby stack : Sinatra;
JS Stack : Javascript, jQuery;
Database: MySql / MariaDB, CouchDB, MongoDB

JSON/XML format , Regular expressions, XPath (Selectors)


Git, Ruby, Selenium WebDriver, VirtualBox, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Bootstrap, Linux, Heroku, Jenkins, Jira, OOP


1) FriendFramework (Ruby, Selenium WD)
-GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/FriendFramework
Test task for Upwork company. Small, scalable friendly framework for web testing, based on Page Object pattern.

2) Dota2Tournament Test task for Starladder LLC (RoR, eRuby, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, AJAX, PostgreSQL)
-GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/Dota2Tournament-starladder
Simple app for organizing tournaments for teams

3) HomeMade Food (in progress) (RoR, eRuby, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, PostgreSQL)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/HomeMadeFood
- Heroku: homemadefood-co-uk[dot]herokuapp[dot]com
HomeMade Food is my own project, helping me to learn Ruby on Rails closely. An idea of this project is similar to other sharing-based marketplaces like AirBnB, Uber, etc. This is online marketplace for people who likes to cook at home and want to earn some money with this.

4) Notepad with twitter (Ruby, API, SQLite3)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/notepad
Notepad is a console based app which is used SQLite3 to store information, such as: link, text, post, memo and twitter posts.

5) Hangman (Ruby)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/hangman_v4
Simple console based version of paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players

6) Expenses tracker and Weather report (Ruby, XML)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/expenses_tracker
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/weather_report
Two simple console based XML parsers from scratch using rexml/document

7) Movie Chooser (Ruby)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/moviechooser
Simple console based app for choosing random movie to watch from IMDb chart - > TOP250. Used mechanize gem for automating interaction with website.

8) My Diary (Ruby)
- GitHub: github[dot]com/VovkaZy/My_Diary
Simple console based version of handwritten diary book

Ожидания от работы

I want to work in a company with a best quality engineers, world name and active community, company culture, appropriate salary and bonuses.
Want to work on web app projects, science, security and penetration testing projects.
Also, want to try to work in interesting startup.

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