3 years of experience · English Intermediate

Create and maintain main website.
Used technologies: ASP.NET/C#, WebApi, HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular.

Created cross-platform programs for MacOS and Windows. In the work I used Xamarin, Github, WPF.

Supervised the project of rewriting the main site of the company with PHP on Asp.net (front-end back-end), and the admin section under the main site. I used WebApi, MVC, JQuerry, Github.


OOP, C#, Git, Entity Framework, LINQ, MSSQL, SQL, ASP.NET, Angular 2+, MongoDB


Creation of cross-platform program Netpeak Spider.
I took the 3rd place in the contest Golden Byte in 2017.

Looking for

Professional growth.
Obtaining various certificates confirming my professional level.
Attending conferences.

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