1.5 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

List of skills
- JavaScript (React.js, Redux, redux-thunk, React-Native)
- HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery.
- Have some experience working with SASS
- At this moment learning Swift 5


Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, AJAX, MongoDB, Node.js, Git, CSS, Redux, REST API, OOP, Trello, JSON, HTML, SASS, EcmaScript 6, Scrum, React.js, swift, IOS, Axios, es6, React / Redux, SASS/SCSS


Первым проектом было мобильное приложение по доставке еды на React Native.
Сейчас работаю в Компании Attractor School преподавателем курса JavaScript (React, Node.js), младшим преподавателем на курсе Swift 5

My first project was mobile app for couriers for food delivery based on React Native.
At the moment working in Attractor School company. Teacher at JavaScript course (React.js, Node.js) and a junior teacher at iOs course (Swift 5)

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