1.5 years of experience · English Intermediate

I have experience working on an enterprise project with legacy code.

Java: 7, 8
Spring Framework (MVC, Data, Security, Cloud, Boot)
ORM: Hibernate
Cloud: Amazon AWS
DB: SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
VCS: Git


Spring, Hibernate, Java, SQL, Spring Framework, Linux, HTML, Maven, Git, OOP, REST API, JDBC, Tomcat, JPA, MongoDB, REST, JUnit, Spring Boot, Docker, AWS, Amazon AWS, Java 8, JavaScript, Oracle Database, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, SOLID, Scrum


I'm proud that I was trying to make the whole project better from a code perspective. Even if that wasn't directly related to my work.

Looking for

Preferably, a big project with the use of new technologies (no JSF, etc.).
Also, it would be great if there will be AWS, Docker, high load, concurrency related work on a project to practice and learn.

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