9 years of experience · English Intermediate

- Operation systems: Windows, Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu)
- Monitoring tools (Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti)
- Git, SVN
- CI servers configuration: Hudson/Jenkins
- virtualization: qemu/kvm, xen, VMware, VirtualBox, Docker
- Public clouds: Amazon Web Services, Rackspace
- Private clouds: OpenStack
- Scripting: Bash
- Proxy/Load Balancers: Squid, HAproxy
- FTP Servers: Pure-ftpd, Proftpd, vsftp
- Web Servers: Lighthttpd, Apache, Nginx
- MTA: Postfix, dovecot
- CSM: Puppet, Ansible


AWS, bash, Jenkins, Linux, MySQL, Nagios, Zabbix, Docker, OpenStack, rackspace, Ubuntu

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