More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Looking for Technical Team Leader position.


Over 15 years of experience as a Software Developer and Team Lead with wide range of technologies and domain areas, mostly in enterprise sector.

As a team leader, has brought up several teams which deliver reliable, good quality software on time.

As a technical leader and developer, strong on design, implementation and maintenance of back-end, front-end, multi- tier applications and integration solutions. Has decent experience in sales support, requirements analysis and estimation. Has about 2 years of project management experience.

*Work Experience Summary*

Sigma Software, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02.2017 – 10.2019
Position: Technical Team Leader, CTO
Domain area: e-Commerce
Key technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Project Reactor, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, Redis, React, Angular.js

Itera ASA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01/2009 – 01/2017
Position: Senior Developer, Team Leader, Project Manager
Domain areas: Finance consulting, HR accounting, pensions and life assurance
Key technologies: Java, Oracle DB, Oracle Service Bus, Node.js, React

Luxoft, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02/2006 – 12/2008
Position: Developer, Senior Developer, Frontend Lead
Domain areas: Search engine, identity management, finance consulting
Key technologies: PHP, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Java, MySQL


Java, Spring, Git, Hibernate, Maven, SQL, JUnit, OOP, JPA, Docker, REST, JSON, Jira, JDBC, Design Patterns, Linux, Mockito, XML, AWS, Java 8, Jackson, Oauth, Java Reactive, Kotlin, HTTP, Feign, Redis, Spring Data JPA, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS


Brought up several teams which deliver reliable, good quality software on time.

Having big ball of mud handed over from other, failed, vendor to a new team, with incomplete and outdated requirements, problematic performance and poor quality, managed to deliver a working solution to production in 4 months, then worked as CTO/Architect, along with Team Leader role, for about 1.5 years, participating in sales meetings, being responsible for architecture, design and all the technical aspects of the product.

Looking for

An ideal job could be a new, technically challenging project with cutting-edge technologies, small to midsize team, direct communication with customer, product development is preferred, then team extension, then outsourcing.

Technical aspects should take significant, ideally -- bigger part of my workload.

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