10 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

10 years overall experience in IT industry. Been working on a many projects, bringing stability, reliability and predictability of outcome both to the code and business.

— Ruby and Ruby on Rails
— sql (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
— RSpec and CI in a hardcore way
— javascript, react
— html, css, haml
— AWS, MS Azure, Capistrano, Docker, Git, Linux, Redis, Sidekiq, DJ
— *BSD fan


Ruby on Rails, Ruby, REST API, Linux, RSpec, Backend, MySQL, Nginx, Git, Redis, Ruby metaprogramming, HAML, PostgreSQL, Soft skills, JSON, SQL, Sidekiq, OOP, AJAX, CSS, jQuery, Docker, Rack, MongoDB


Working like a Swiss army knife.
Good level of understanding business needs and tax law in different jurisdictions.
Flexible ability to travel abroad, multi-entry visas to USA and UK, for 10 and 5 years respectively.

Looking for

— interesting and challenging tasks
— growth in a productive business environment
— technical expertise on the client side, cause I've seen enough tasks like "to draw seven red lines, all of them strictly perpendicular, some with green ink and some with transparent"

Please include text "I am a human being" or "Я людина розумна", so that I will be sure you read this text. Thank you

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