1 year of experience · English Pre-Intermediate

I have experience in software development for the vending company where I work. My projects, which I did myself:
1. A database of clients and devices for the company using Python/PyQt/SQLite.
2. Web UI for this database with ReactJS and simple api server on Python/Django.

Besides this, I have a pet-project:
1. Classic tetris game using JS/HTML5/CSS/Canvas.
2. Web application(SPA) with tetris game and features such as: user authorization, game statistics (total and for each individual player), comments. For this project: JS / JQuery / Ajax for front and Python / Django for backend.
That's it: https://tetris-by-roman.herokuapp.com/
3. Web application(SPA) which has two list - users and groups. It is possible to add, edit, delete each item. React.js for front and Python/Django for backend.
That's it: https://task-reactjs.herokuapp.com
4. Web application(SPA) - simple task manager. React.js for front and Node.js, MongoDB(mongoose), WebSocket for backend.
That's it: http://roman-task-manager.herokuapp.com/
5. SPA - https://pokedex-by-roman.herokuapp.com/
6. SPA - https://my-githubapi.herokuapp.com/
I also have experience in administering the site of the company.
All my code will allow you to look at GitHub.


JS, React.js, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Git, JSON, Python, Django, PyQt, SQLite, WebSockets, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express.js, Bootstrap


I study and develop myself.

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