1 year of experience · English Pre-Intermediate

I have experience developing a non-commercial project for company where I work. This project I did myself with 0 to 100%. Also I was remote took part in other project. Beside this I study and develop myself and have pet projects and training tasks.

Language: JavaScript, Python;
Libraries/Frameworks: NodeJS, ReactJS, React-router, JQuery, Redux,
ExpressJS, Django;
Database: SQLIte, MongoDB;
Other: WebSocket, Webpack, Babel, Git, SCSS.

My some deployed pet-projects(code in Git):
o https://tetris-by-roman.herokuapp.com/
o http://roman-task-manager.herokuapp.com/
o https://my-currency-convertor.herokuapp.com/
o https://pokedex-by-roman.herokuapp.com/
o https://my-fruit-game.herokuapp.com/


JS, React.js, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Git, JSON, Python, Django, PyQt, SQLite, WebSockets, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express.js, Bootstrap


I study and develop myself.

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