3 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

As a business analyst:
- collection and analysis of business requirements;
- creating and tracking the life cycle of requirements;
- definition of the “as-is” model and construction of the “to-be” model, search and assessment of gaps, suggestion of ways to improve;
- creation, support of requirements and functional documentation.
- managing the volume of work, planning releases, clarifying and checking requirements with the development team, setting tasks for the development team, conducting demonstrations of the work done to stakeholders.
- setting priorities, creating a change management process.
- analysis of stakeholders, planning a communication strategy based on the results of the analysis and the specifics of the project.

As a system analyst:
- participation in projects for the integration of systems using SOAP, REST API;
- working with JSON, XML notations;
- working with microservice application architecture;
- information processing and scripting for working with various databases: SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB);
- writing test scenarios in the Gherkin language and their implementation in the Python language;
- system analysis and search bugs for the purpose of further bugfixing.


BPMN, Busines Analysis, Power BI, Scrum, SDLC, SQL, Tableau, UML, HTML, REST API, PostgreSQL, Postman, Confluence, Requirements management, MongoDB, Use cases, CRM, GraphQL, System Analysis and Design, Python, Insomnia, Git, JSON, Gherkin, BDD

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Low bureaucracy, opportunities for improving skills, interesting and challenging projects.

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