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Коротко на русском: ищу работу в Киеве, другие города и страны - могу работать удалённо, переезд не планирую, не интересуют ниже перечисленные вакансии, могу согласиться только на ещё ниже перечисленные вакансии, другие условия работы и вакансии не предлагать. Для 90% рекрутеров напишу ещё раз - другие условия работы и вакансии не предлагать.


Gaming executive, Leadership, Manage a team, Organizational management, Staff Development & Motivation, Casual Games, Game art, Mobile games, Slots, Social games, Computer games, GameDev, Game Development, Adobe Photoshop


I have been involved in development and operation of much: mobile games, computer games, casino games, was evaluated artists and animators job. Experienced of practice in game development 10+ years. I've strong skills and deep knowledges of game art creation and team management problems in the game industry. I'm a strong people manager, highly motivated staff leader with focused on product development and creation perfect quality games. My knowledge it's core of team success for goals firm. Fast builder of internal and external teams. Optimize budgeting is also my very important skill.

Looking for

I'm NOT INTERESTED in positions:
- Unity 3D Developer;
- Project Manager;
- Product Manager;
- Product Owner;
- Art Manager;
- Lead Designer;
- UI/UX Designer;
- Creative Designer;
- 2D Artist;
- 3D Modeler;
- Animator;
- Concept Artist;
- Lead artist/Art director;
- Art Lead;
- Game Designer;
- QA Engineer;
- Business Analyst;
- Sysadmin;
- Marketing Manager;
- etc.

I'm SEEKING for a top-level job in game development industry in Kiev or remotely in other cities. In product company, not outsourcing. I need only an executive managerial job like a Head of Team. I'm seeking for one of this positions:
- Head of Production;
- General Manager;
- Art Producer;
- Art Director.

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