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Коротко на русском: ищу работу в Киеве, другие города и страны - могу работать удалённо, переезд не планирую, не интересуют ниже перечисленные вакансии, могу согласиться только на ещё ниже перечисленные вакансии, другие условия работы и вакансии не предлагать. Для 90% рекрутеров напишу ещё раз - другие условия работы и вакансии не предлагать.


Art supervising, Gaming executive, Leadership, Manage a team, Organizational management, Staff Development & Motivation, Casual Games, Game art, Mobile games, Slots, Social games, Computer games, GameDev, Game Development, Adobe Photoshop


I have been involved in development and operation of much: mobile games, computer games, casino games, was evaluated artists and animators job. ● Experienced of practice in game development 10+ years. I've strong skills and deep knowledges of game art creation and team management problems in the game industry. I'm a strong people manager, highly motivated staff leader with focused on product development and creation perfect quality games. My knowledge it's core of team success for goals firm. ● Fast builder of internal and external teams. ● Optimize budgeting is also my very important skill.

Looking for

● I'm NOT INTERESTED in positions:
⠀- Unity 3D Developer;
⠀- Project Manager;
⠀- Product Manager;
⠀- Product Owner;
⠀- Art Manager;
⠀- Lead Designer;
⠀- UI/UX Designer;
⠀- Creative Designer;
⠀- 2D Artist;
⠀- 3D Modeler;
⠀- Animator;
⠀- Concept Artist;
⠀- Lead artist/Art director;
⠀- Art Lead;
⠀- Game Designer;
⠀- QA Engineer;
⠀- Business Analyst;
⠀- Sysadmin;
⠀- Marketing Manager;
⠀- etc.

● I'm SEEKING FOR a top-level job in game development industry in Kiev or remotely in other cities. I need only an executive managerial job like a Head of Team. I'm seeking for one of this positions:
⠀- Head of Production;
⠀- General Manager;
⠀- Art Producer;
⠀- Art Director.

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