English Upper Intermediate

I have completed the "Diving into Software testing" in the "SkillsUp" school and "Software testing" in the "QATestLab" school.
I have theoretical knowledge about working in IT. There is some knowledge about software development life circle, roles, and some models and methodologies. I completed course of "Diving into the Software testing" of the SkillsUp School and course “Software testing” of the “QATestLab”.
In boundaries of these courses I have got some knowledge about manual testing:
• web - sites (functional and web-design testing, planning, check-list creating, test-cases creating with the “Test link” system, design techniques: error-guessing, equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, cause-effect).
Bug-reporting with the “Mantis” system.
• Basic knowledge of mobile applications and games testing
• I have some theoretical knowledge about the development of requirements. (K. Vigers “Development of requirements for software”).
• Basic knowledge of SQL, HTML, CSS
• I am experienced in the banking, financial, accounting fields

At my practical lessons I performed only manual website testing (as finding bugs and defects in functionalities or design with testing in several browsers) without checking of requirements specifications.


Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Web Testing, Test Design

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