4 years of experience · English Intermediate

Developing applications using C++ Qt framework.
Client-server applications. Decouple legacy codebase for reuse in developing application. Maintain and improve architecture and codebase. Codereview and control coding standard compliance.
Mentor team members. Bugfixing, analyze C++ and QML code for potential bugs and perfomance drops. Concurrency using STL threading and mutexes.


C++, OOP, Qt, Design Patterns, Boost, Jira, Agile, Git, STL, C++11, SOLID, SQL, Python, Java, C#, Maven


Integrated MapBox Native engine and exposed features from engine.
Reduced memory consumption by 3 times of Qml application by profiling and rewriting some shaders and components.
Implemented and decoupled 30% of user feature for application release.

Looking for

Cohesive team with point on SOLID principles.
Well established processes.
Main priority on code readability, extensibility and ability to reuse it.