Опыт работы

Больше 10 лет опыта · Английский Upper Intermediate [?]

• Extensive experience in IT industry (15+ years) in different managerial roles; technical background
• Expertise in product management, crisis management, strategic planning, project management, people management, business analysis, digital marketing
• Experience in launching products to the new markets; enhancing CR, LTV, net profit, ROI
• Experience in enrooting and adjusting Agile processes to different business units
• Strong leadership and team motivation skills; strong problem-solving skills and data-driven decision making; high level of self-motivation


Crisis management
Problem-solving skills
Product management
Project Management
Strategic planning
Business Analysis
Digital marketing


• Successfully launched 100+ projects
• Organized 9 product teams from scratch
• Established Agile processes in 3 companies
• Increased net profit for several products by 5–20%

Ожидания от работы

• Challenging project, complex decision-making
• Opportunity to strengthen growth of the product
• Professional team, networking culture

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