4 years of experience · English Intermediate

Over four years experience as Salesforce.com Platform Developer and Salesforce Admin as well.
Extensive experience with the Salesforce.com development lifecycle, application design, integration and deployment.
Experienced working in cross - functional teams, identifying business requirements and supporting sales/marketing effort.


APEX (Force.com), Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Administration, Service Cloud, JDBC, JSON, SQL, AJAX, SOAP, REST, SOQL, SOSL, MySQL


Key accomplishments:
-Creation a module that allows users to customize style of their data tables
(Apex, Visualforce, JavaScript).
-Developing a module that allows users to create Budgets with customizible
structure, restrictions and validations (OOP, Apex, Visualforce, JavaScript).
-Creation a multipurpose convertion tool that allows to convert any entity to
Budget entity (Apex, Schema Class, Visualforce).
-Developing integration solutions for several force.com applications: Database
integration, REST integration. (Apex, Visulaforce, REST, Lightning Design
-Creation a multipurpose admin tool for data migration beetwen Salesforce
organizations. (Apex, Schema Class, Visualforce, JSON)
-Creating Lightning Components for reporting purposes. (APEX, Javascript,
Lightning Components)
-Creating an internal custom Process Builder. (Apex, Visulaforce, Javascript,
Lightning Design System)
-Building and managing a team of developers.

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