Less than a year of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

As a teacher I spent the last two years teaching English to adults of all levels. But I found that it was not my sphere and I needed to change it. Following my friend’s advice I did BA Course and now feel absolutely content to find something so much close to me.
I am a good communicator with excellent language skills: as an English teacher I had to build and maintain good rapport with clients. I am fluent in English, also speak Russian, a little German and Polish.
I have analytical type of mindset: have always used all kinds of schematic representation of any information I needed either to remember myself or to teach others – charts, diagrams, web diagrams etc. I like to understand everything from the outer layers to the very basics and how everything is combined and works. Thus all the practical classes during the BA Course were a pure satisfaction for me.
Currently I am getting hands-on experience continuing working on a project for our Town Hall which was a part of the BA Course. I possess good command of BA tools needed for work on the previously mentioned project. And I would be very happy to learn more new ones. They are quite easy for me to understand and use.


Business Analysis, Agile, Scrum, English, Requirements management, Requirements analysis, User stories, Use cases, Communication, Requirements specification, gathering requirements

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