More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Advanced experience at Automated Testing project's coordination:
- QA manual/automation team building and leadership;
- Mentoring: individual and organize automation (Java fundamentals, automation fundamentals, REST API fundamental) training courses;
- Implementation of automation processes and procedures, continuous process improvement and adherence;
- Test planning and design;
- Writing project proposals and automation estimation;
- Automation environment setup;
- Setup automation testing from scratch (tools, frameworks, tests development);
- Communication with a customer on a daily basis;
- Implement continuous integration practices at automation testing. Improve existing automation processes for better regression and smoke testing efficiency;
- Pre-sale activities (automation testing strategy preparation, onboard trips).

Strong knowledge of OOP principles, patterns, and best practices. Main stack: Java.


Automated Testing (QA), Selenium WebDriver, English, HTML, Java, Jenkins, Project Management, Scrum, Git, Maven, TestNG, OOP/OOD, Photoshop, BDD, Design Patterns, JSON, JUnit, REST API, VBScript, REST API testing, JIRA, Selenide, Selenoid, Team management, Test Automation Frameworks, Automated Testing, QA Automation, QA team lead, SOLID, Docker, IntelliJ IDEA, GIT, Bitbucket, CI/CD, Mocha, Chai, Protractor


- Successfully completed over 30 automation projects as lead/manager/expert;
- Develop and support over 2500 automated tests on a single project;
- Implemented a hybrid automated testing approach (API preconditions+UI automation);
- Implemented fast and lightweight REST API solution based on Karate DSL framework;
- Setup, develop and support UI+API automated tests using: Selenide, Selenoid, Karate DSL, Docker, Jenkins, BDD;
- Mentoring over 30 QA engineers;
- Prepare and handle automation courses: Java Fundamentals, REST API fundamental for new QA engineers;
- Participate in pre-sale activities (successfully start 3 new automation testing projects);
- Coordinated upto 5 QA subteams with over 15 manual/automation QA engineers;
- Participate in many (internal/external) tech talks and conferences (SeleniumCamp 2019, QADay 2019);
- Passed ISTQB Foundation Level certification.

Looking for

- Challenging, modern, innovative projects
- Ability to use all my previous experience
- Smart, friendly, professional team
- The customer with a clear and strong vision of his own business/project;

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