Less than a year of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

I haven't worked as an HR or a recruiter, however, my job is very similar to such a process, as I have been looking for speakers to participate in events in the event center. I have been looking for them in LinkedIn and other sources, establishing contacts, conducting meetings and persuading them to have a speech or a workshop at the center. This part of work appeals to me the most, so I will be happy to try myself as an HR representative.
It's also easy for me to communicate with people of different positions and levels, different nature and temper. I love to listen attentively and create a comfortable environment for everyone near me. I believe this is the main purpose of each HR.

Please check a few things I have been doing as an Event Manager:
• organizing events for the new event center
• looking for potential speakers/coachers and handling communication
• creating social media posts for event promotion
• organizing event space
• delegating tasks to the team members
• signing contracts
• contacting potential partners and establishing a partnership

P. S. Once, I made one potential speaker become our permanent worker. I believe that this reveals my ability to recruit the right people :)


Communication Skills, English, Networking, Lead generation, Recruiting, Project Management, Linkedin, CRM, HubSpot, Negotiations, Communication, IT outsource sales, customer support, Russian


I've participated in organizing a new event center from scratch, managed all related internal and external processes.

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