2 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

Looking for Project Manager / Scrum Master position

Currently performing dutes of Project Manager assistant / Scrum Master. My responsiblities include:
- Supporting SAFE approach
- Responsible for Program level releases
- Responsible for setting up and coordinating module and program integration project
- Responsible for setting up and coordinating scalability and performance project
- Responsible for documentation of program configuration
- Writing project plan
- Creating and managing road maps
- Creating goals and milestone plans for the team
- Writing release documentation (release protocol, release plan, design transfer
protocol, development plan, traceability matrix, risk report, etc.)
- Coordination between teams
- Managing team roles and organization
- Managing team page in JIRA and Confluence
- Assisting other departments such as Sales, Product Owners, Tech Consultants, etc.
- Managing project DHF documentation necessary for FDA approval
- Assisting Project Managers and Product Owners with release procedures


Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Team management, English, project planning, SAFe, Communication, Confluence


Team organization. I like to organize teams to be comfortable and efficient with their work
- I changed department team structure to scalable one: introduced module level and program level teams, technology and integration teams
- Setup program level release procedures
- Created integration and auto test teams
- Setup project procedures that allow people to have predictable releases and ability to take vacation when desired
- Started continuous deployment procedures
- Introduced SAFE structure
- Received Scrum master certificate

Looking for

Would like:
- team/project where it is desirable to set up procedures that allow transparent, efficient and comfortable work

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