Less than a year of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

I am a student at UNIT Factory who is constantly looking to improve and acquire experience and knowledge in the programming world.

• Java core
• SQL, basic no-SQL
• Advanced level of English
• OOP Concepts
• Linux bash
• Git version control
• Gradle, Maven
• Basic Hibernate
• Tomcat
• Basic Spring, boot, data

• a library of functions (such as get_next_line() strcpy() etc.) that I had to rewrite for further use;
• a game bot that had to occupy the most space on a given map;
• a program to find the most efficient route for multiple objects (in Java and C);
• a complete rewrite of the function printf() with some bonus additions;
• a project that consisted of a virtual machine, a compiler and a champion, where I`ve enhanced my algorithmic skills and dived deep into memory manipulations and low-level programming;
• a fast-paced course in C++ and OOP basics at UNIT Factory;
• a web application using Angular, Spring boot, Hibernate and Azure;
• a minimal aircraft simulation program based on a given UML class diagram;
• a program that solves polynomial equations of degree less than or equal to 2.


Spring, Hibernate, Java, Maven, Git, SQL, OOP, JUnit, JDBC, Tomcat, HTML, Linux, CSS, JSP, English, REST, Design Patterns, SpringBoot, OOD, Spring Boot, Java Core, Apache Tomcat, Gradle, Spring Data

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