1 year of experience · English Upper Intermediate

+Python3 (multiprocessing, unit testing, scientific starter pack (pandas, numpy, sklearn ...) and more :)
+NLP(nltk, gensim, spacy, fasttext, polyglot, muse, starspace )
+machine learning algorithms (e.g TSNE, HDBSCAN, ...)
+experience with text clusterization and classification, text embedding, NER, sentiment analysis, interactive visualization and stat tests
+experience with dataset annotation process design


Python, Machine Learning, NLP, Git, Jira, Linux, Data Science, scikit-learn, English, PostgreSQL, SQL, pandas, numpy, Math


+bachelor degree in Applied Math

Looking for

*small passionate team
*opportunities for professional growth and education
*team of DL geeks I can gain experience from
*state-of-art practice
NO to:
-banking/trending analysis
-data analyst position

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