5 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Company: Dim-Dim

Responsibilities: develop micro-services backend system for mobile platform that helps to seek, book and rent flats.


Company: Lithium Lab

Responsibilities: sport tracker project for mobile platform which can help to maintain body health with gym, instructions and video exercises.


Company: Karizma Team

Responsibilities: prepare wlan network access for Music Weekends in large hotel campus. WLAN networking was used for personal devices to to guarantee payments transactions.


Company: TakeGames

Responsibilities: marketplace for game industry, where players can exchange/rent/buy console disks and communicate between them, social part as news blogging and articles about games and IT.


Company: ByTheWay

Responsibilities: mobile platform for freelance packages transporting. Search variants for trip using maps, cross routes, planning delivery on map with traffic. Regular trip delivery between cities.


Company: Sibriver

Responsibilities: corporate portal for chemistry factory. Where workers can see logs of orders from clients and control product. Statistical information about product, specification, file with components, blog, cart with export/import product list and download offer pdf.


Company: RosInnovation

Responsibilities: Multimedia stand for showing advertisement and routing, in Moscow urban transport.


Company: Elecard-Med

Responsibilities: semi-Nuclear project. X-Ray (tomograph) fluids flow in nuclear fuel core element detection software. Store photos from beryllium monitor and reconstruction algorithms using GPUs for elements 3D rendering.


Linux FreeBSD, Mac OSX, mikrotik, Django, Flask, Tornado, Japronto, aiohttp, RESTful, websockets, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Clickhouse, SQLAlchemy, peewee, Ecto, K8S, AWS, Vagrant, KVM, Xen, jail, qemu, Celery, RQ, ReactJS, native, webpack, Kibana, graylog, flower, munin, Jenkins, fabric, rsync, CircleCI, serverless, numpy, pandas, matpotlib, pycuda, SVN, Microservices, logstash, sentry, rawsql, Docker, docker compose, Apache Airflow, Vue.js, MongoDB, PostGiS, Redis, Django REST, Scrapy, PyQt, Gitlab CI, CI/CD, Node.js, ElasticSearch, Git, consul, grab, RabbitMQ, helm, OOP, MySQL, JSON, Django REST Framework, SQLite, Algorithms, ‎Kubernetes, Multithreading

Looking for

I wish that i'll working with perfect team. Develop high-load services and projects. Using very much tools and libraries. Upper my experience within projects!

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