2.5 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Almost 3 years in frontend development.
During my career I took part in development of such applications as professional employment platform (Angular 6+), marketing platform (Angular 7+), insurances platform (VueJS), social photo service (Angular 7+), business social network (Cordova, Angular 2+) and platforms for medical industry (Angular 5+).
Worked in a team of 2-3 frontend developers as well as solo.
My common tasks were:
- setting up application from scratch
- creating reusable components according to design
- implementing business logic and new features
- optimize application size, performance and refactoring existing codebase
- configuring server side rendering for Angular
- API integrations, providing requirements for better frontend-backend interacting
- writing unit tests and keep them up to date
- implementing websockets and push notifications integration

In production I mostly use Angular for web development, and here are my list of skills:
- HTML, CSS, SASS, SCSS, REST, JavaScript, Typescript, ES6, Node.js, AJAX, Websockets, GraphQL, cookies
- VCS: Git (Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab), CLI (Bash commands, Angular CLI)
- Frameworks: Angular 5+, Phonegap (Cordova), Ionic, Karma, Jasmine
- Tools: Webpack, Gulp, Babel, Postman, ES/TS linting, unit testing
- Mobile hardware: NFC – my bachelor work was dedicated to Ionic application which worked with NFC tags
- Libraries: Angular Material, Angular Universal, Bootstrap,, domino, ng-uikit-pro-standard, rxjs, faker, angular-l10n (internationalization and localization), social networks integration, materialize-css, @ngu/carousel, angular-imask, google maps, google-libphonenumber, linkifyjs, ngx-cookies, google-maps


Angular, Bootstrap, Cordova, HTML, Server Side Rendering, CSS, Git, JavaScript, Karma/Jasmine testing, REST API, SCSS, TSLint, TypeScript, webpack, WebSockets, CI, Node.js, SQL, Babel, SASS/SCSS, BEM methodology, GraphQL, es6


Participating in mobile web application development (it's published in play market/app store)
Configuring Angular unit testing and modular structure.
Optimizing web application size, refactoring.
Configuring server side rendering in Angular (Angular universal).
Optimizing webpack build process.

Looking for

Angular projects preferred. Looking for professional growth, interesting tasks, using cutting-edge technologies. Opportunity to experience exchanging with more advanced colleagues.

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