2.5 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

2.5 years of SPA web apps development — React.js, Vue.js and state management libraries (such as Redux, Vuex), experienced with Apollo GraphQl as well, and with unit testing.

Total 3.5 years in web development, from freelance making layout and some automation scripts, to javascript frontend development.

Experienced with psql, mysql, nodejs, typescript, express, nuxtjs, jest, mocha, chai, nestjs, python3, some ruby, react native.

I'm ready to learn rapidly, and become efficient in your stack of technologies fast.


React, React / Redux, Vue, Vue / Vuex, JSON, es6, webpack, SASS, JavaScript/NodeJS, JavaScript, Apollo GraphQL, GraphQL, Jest, Mocha + Chai + Sinon


Basic knowledge of algorithms and good knowledge of mathematics.

Looking for

Free schedule, 8 hours work day, dayoffs + vacations available.

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