8 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

JavaScript, Angular/Vue, SASS, Grunt/Gulp, Bower, Bootstrap 4+

Git, Firebase

iOS dev
iOS SDK, Swift, CocoaPods, AutoLayout, CoreData


Bootstrap, CSS/SASS, Git/SourceTree, HTML5, Jira/Redmine/Basecamp, Mac OS/Linux, AngularJS/VueJS, Grunt/Gulp, Node.js, PS/Sketch, Swift


My main occupation is development of web projects and mobile applications for different companies - Upwork, MTC, Sberbank, Philip Morris International, Teva and some more, I'm also doing freelance and my own projects.

Latest large project I participated - development Upwork.com for Upwork Inc

Feel free to ask any questions ;)

Looking for

Hi there.
I'm looking (mostly, but not only) for remote job, interesting projects with normal deadlines and good in-team communication.
My personal preferences, but not mandatory:
Vue 2 + Bootstrap 4 + Flex + SCSS

Also I am looking for Junior-to-Middle/Middle iOS dev position.

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