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About Yukon Software

Yukon Software Ltd is a software and hardware development company. These are simple words which describe more than 60 experienced and ambitious developers who have been creating quality code from coffee for over 10 years. We write in different languages such as Java, PHP, Objective-C, C#, .NET and even work with embedded systems and implement the Internet of things concept.

Our clients are demanding customers from Europe and the US who know the value of their time and investments. So they are happy to find the easiest way to make money: using our products in the following areas: medicine, education, transport logistics, infrastructure, risk analysis, scheduling and time tracking, web and mobile solutions.

And of course, we work using agile methods (scrum and kanban) which are modified and supplemented according to each team's needs, style and pace.

You will be able to reach technical excellence and improve your soft skills, use comfortable tools, try and implement the latest technological developments, find interesting solutions for extremely complicated tasks. Your potential and desire to learn or teach will definitely be used in our mentoring system.

Our company cares about its employees, that's why we offer only official employment, salary according to the labour market, flexible working hours and English language courses. Besides, we have a lot of warm and fun parties, trips abroad and other interesting "goodies" which you can find out more about in our office.

We are looking for experienced developers who are willing to join our team, grow with us and face interesting challenges.

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