About Widr Pay

Fintech (from billing to collection in 1 platform)
Widr Pay is a all-in-one payment solution from invoicing to collection.
We help companies to get paid faster, from SMB to Big companies (public companies).

With 2M€+ transactions within a year, 200+ collection request within 6 months, we tend to be the most high growth payment solution which offer collection services in Europe.
Among our advisors: Allen Blue (co-founder of LinkedIn), John Chambers (ex-CEO Cisco)
Among our investors: Laurent Dassault - top #200 richest person in the world and Sebastien Imbert - CMO of Microsoft France

Featured in reknown press including Forbes, BFMTV (#1 information in FR), Widr Pay vision is to become the dominant actor of payment (representing small business, freelancers and big companies).
We received prestigious design awards including: Awwwards (2020) and CSSAwards (2020)

Based in Paris (France), San Francisco (USA) and Ukraine (many cities), we seek to welcome the most talented and self made people into our international team.

Created in 2014, we are supported by the French Government, worked with the most prestigious companies (e.g. Orange, #1 telecom provider in Europe) and gather a talented team of Phd Backend Developer, Experienced Product Manager, Crazy talented CTO...

With us: you can talk, share ideas, have an impact, no matter your background or education.
Do you want to really be YOU ? Join Widr Pay.

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