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About Whidegroup

Whidegroup is perfectly balanced team which masterfully combines ingenuity and mind of programmers, flight of ideas and creativity of designers together with managers’ prudence. All of us genuinely loves his work, and in everyday struggle with tasks we sharpen our skills and rise to a new stage of expertise. We are always in the loop of the latest news and trends in area of our activity, and we are not easy to surprise.

Our main activity is related with Ecommerce: 7+ years of Magento/Magento2 and Shopify platforms, and we are ready to help your business to reach success. Also we provide service of Magento consulting, that will be interesting for e-shop owners due to its effectiveness based on more than 10 years of ecommerce experience of our co-founders.

Web-development is about us: either it’s a small task to solve your particular issue or the full-cycle when you come to us with an idea and you get the top notch end-product.

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