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About Warmintro

Warmintro is a fast-growing early-stage U.S.-based startup working to revolutionize the way communities connect online.

We created a connection-focused community hub and management portal, where users can meet each other, engage in discussions, get access to core resources, and participate in events.

▶️ As we grow our data-set of „warm-introductions” we plan on building world-class AI and recommendation systems to help optimize and automate meaningful connections amongst members.

▶️ We believe that we are building the future and changing the way people connect online. Facebook and Linkedin gave us 5,000 „friends” and 2,000 „business contacts” whom we barely know. This situation led to the core idea of Warmintro — real connection happens in small groups centered around shared experiences and collective goals.

🌎 We expect hard work and excellence from the people we work with. At the same time, we are super informal and relaxed. We pride ourselves on building strong personal relationships amongst our staff. We expect you to be a key part of our family/team, work your ass off, speak your mind, challenge us and be ready to back up your arguments.

🌎 Мы чуть-чуть говорим по-русски. Или, во всяком случае, притворяемся :) CEO и СОО нашей компании говорят по-русски. CTO и несколько других сотрудников — только по-английски. Поэтому мы ищем кандидатов с достаточно свободным (в первую очередь, техническим) английским.

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