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About VisiQuate

VisiQuate, Inc came into existence in 2009 as a California innovative product house working in the area of business analytics and big data. Our products integrate and simplify complex big data from multiple sources and deliver meaningful insights, prediction pathways, and actionable workflows. We have clients in healthcare, finance, energy, and other industries. Today we have offices in the USA and Ukraine.

Every day, we cut through the volumes of big data that overwhelm our clients, and let them see the hidden trends, anomalies, and outliers that make their data a valuable asset. We do this by delivering crisp, clean visualizations. So, to describe an advanced set of benefits simply, we sum it up in two words: “You’ll see.” This describes the way we make actionable insights jump off the screen. It also says we’re confident that we can deliver every benefit we promise, and invite you to let us prove it.

Our Values

Long before we wrote our first lines of code, we thought hard about the kind of company we wanted to be. One memorable night in 2009 (March 11) we wrote down our basic values and have never felt the need to revise them. Why would we?
LEADERSHIP. We lead by example and by empowering our clients, partners and staff.
OPTIMISM. Our glass is decidedly half full…and then some.
CURIOSITY. We approach the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions with an inquisitiveness that delights in discovering fresh ideas.
ZEAL. We approach our work with eagerness, determination, and contagious enthusiasm.
INTEGRITY. We value conscience, character, truth, and honor as fundamental principles.
INNOVATION. We believe in a continuous and relentless pursuit of all which seems unimaginable.
FUN. We believe that hard work and fun go hand in hand.
COMPASSION. We will lead not only with our heads; but with our hearts.
GIVING. We will gladly give our time and money to causes we believe in.

Company Life

We work in close cooperation within our teams. Everybody is welcome to share ideas and suggest improvements. To support cooperative spirit in the company, we travel a lot between our home countries.
We work hard, and we party hard!
Summer parties and New Year outings. Common sport activities, including team marathon runs, weekend bicycle rides, and table football competitions for those who prefer to stay indoors.

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