• 10 November

    Essential Skills: Angular 2+ HTML & JavaScript TypeScript Design patterns and practices (e.g. SOLID) Git Requirements: - 2+ years in Front End development - 1+ years of experience with TypeScript - 1+ years in Angular 2+

    Will Weber, Frontend Developer at Vicarius
    Product   Full Remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

About Vicarius

We protect clients against exploitation of yet-to-be-discovered software vulnerabilities.

The platform, called Topia, analyzes existing trends in attacks to identify the common attributes each trend targets.

The process is done by reverse engineering of the software's binary code, using machine learning algorithms to represent its neural networks and formulate popular attribute patterns. This process identifies targets which will be attacked in the future along proactive protection of them using advanced instrumentation technology DBI (Dynamic Binary Instrumentation).

Vicarius was founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs from the information-security industry and operates from JVP Media Quarter.

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