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About True Alpha Ventures

True Alpha is an Australian technology company and a hedge fund. We develop high frequency trading strategies and trade them. Our focus is in big data, machine learning, high speed execution.

What we offer:
- Lots and lots of challenging backend tasks. We are currently collecting and processing more than 200,000,000 transactions per day from multiple different exchanges.
- Scientific development. If you are interested in modern applied statistics, machine learning - that is what we do in financial domain. Option pricing models, market making, statistical arbitrage is a manifest of our company.
- Small and professional team. The founders have more than 30 years of collective trading experience. We endorse proactivity in our team and have a horizontal hierarchy - even a junior team member will be heard. We do not have corporate meetings and all the enterprise problems - we aim at efficiency and work done.
- Ambitious goals. Over the next two years we are planning to grow to 100M+ assets under management.

Company website: