About Triare

TRIARE is an established software development company that focuses on startups and medium-sized enterprises. We offer a range of services and solutions for business but are known best for excellent MVPs. It means, we are fast, agile, and always have interesting challenges for you.

Our clients' geography spans between Seattle and Melbourne while Germany is our long-term partner. We’ve delivered over 70 projects so far, partnered with the Founder Institute, and took part as mentors in a hackathon organized by the European Commission. But that’s maybe too boring.

Our 40+ strong team is fun and diverse. We have gamified our working experience and employees find it «pretty cool.» After all, we are looking for people who are ready to adhere to our core values: Responsibility, Reliability, Relationships. It also makes the three R, or TRIARE. And this is who we are. Ready to be a part of something awesome?

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