• 13 May

    Ищем в команду на большой проект Андроид разработчиков( Kotlin/Java) с опытом от 1.5 года. Проект большой(около 80 человек), все процессы отлажены, работать комфортно. В перспективе есть возможность лидить направление в большом приложении.

    Helen Alexandrova, Representative at TAGsoft
      Kharkiv, remote  · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 13 May

    TAGSoft в поиске Middle Java Developer ( Core Java, J2EE, Kotlin and Java frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate) Максимально укомплектованная agile-команда. Комфортная удаленная работа.

    Helen Alexandrova, Representative at TAGsoft
      Kharkiv  · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

About TAGsoft

All started almost ten years ago. We have 47 current team members, and 35 of them are software developers.
Our founders have passed through developers, team leaders, and architects' roles during their careers. It helps to build a strong team structure, hire really good architects and engineers and cover it with good management. That is why we develop applications with the right architecture from the start, saving resources, and time.
We have three main directions: Web development, Mobile development, and IoT.

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