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About SwitchUp

We pioneered the first service worldwide that protects users from being overcharged by their providers, which often bet on customers being too lazy to do something about it. Given that our service is loved by our users (>90% of users that have signed up with us over the last 5 years are still actively using it) in combination with the most renowned German publication that tests products & services considering us to be "highly recommended", we have the "problem" of having more than demand than we can handle. Our tech stack is based on RoR and we are currently transitioning part of our SOA to an event sourcing approach based on Eventide.

As an organization, we place strong emphasis on our rather unique team culture and challenge many traditional ways of working, e.g. by not having a hierarchical setup, but rather working in a self-organised manner. Our current team of 45 colleagues is primarily based in Berlin and we are building a team that includes colleagues working remotely with us in the longer-term who we consider an equally important part of our team.

For some behind-the-scenes insights about our business & philosophy check out the following link:

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