About Språkkraft

Språkkraft (sprakkraft.org) is a Swedish company developing language learning apps. We are changing the way people read, listen and watch everything in a second language, so that language learning does not require dedicated studying but happens naturally as a by-product of reading articles, books, listening to songs and audiobooks, watching movies and documentaries.

Our app for Swedish public television, SVT Språkplay won the Best European Online Project of the Year in 2018 at the pan-European broadcasting competition Prix Europa. We have long-running contracts with public television broadcasters in Sweden and Finland and with a Swedish educational video provider. Our apps are used by hundreds of thousands of immigrants learning Swedish and Finnish languages (web app examples: https://www.ur.se/sprakplay, https://kielikoulu.yle.fi, mobile app examples see on https://sprakkraft.org/). We have also just released an app for learning language while reading and watching media for English, Spanish, French, Italian and German (https://lingoal.com/). Our cause is to help immigrants integrate and succeed in the new culture and society, and to help anyone to understand and enjoy another culture in its own language. We are a relatively small, creative, distributed team based in Sweden, Canada and Ukraine. I live in Toronto, Canada.

Programming languages and frameworks: React, Angular, Ionic, Node.js, Python, Java, Objective-C/Swift.

Company website: