• 1 August

    Cleverturn – аутсорсинговая компания занимающаяся web разработкой. Основным направлением деятельности является внедрение CRM решений, разработка корпоративных систем для бизнеса, а также интернет-магазинов, сайтов и мобильных приложений.

    Smart App Development Andrew Kolos, Recruiter
    Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan   Full Remote · 2 years of experience

About Smart App Development

Smart App Development - is an international full-cycle IT company. 80% of our activity is development and promotion of our products. We also provide outsourcing services to clients from all over the world.

We have a portfolio of 18 products across a variety of niches including Business, Utilities, Social, Lifestyle, Cyber ​​Security and Entertainment. Our monthly audience is more than 20 million users. And the main mission of Smart App Development products is to make people's lives brighter and easier by offering modern solutions and the best experience for users.

Smart App Development is a fast growing company. In the 6 years since we were founded, we have gone from a startup to a business that scales at a super-fast pace. But development and scaling do not change our priority — caring for people. Our customers, users and, of course, colleagues.

We believe that a comfortable atmosphere in the office and the team, together with the support of management, are the most important conditions for the growth of talented specialists. And, of course, interesting projects. And believe me, we have enough of them.

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