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About Sirin Software

Sirin Software is a service provider of Embedded Linux and IoT solutions with a modern office in the historical center of Kyiv and friendly family atmosphere. In the last few years we successfully provided various software solutions to US, European and Asian customers. Since 2016 we have started providing Hardware Design services in cooperation with product owners. Our company has an expertise in such domains as Networking, Storage Systems, Cloud Computing, Buildings Automation, Drivers, IoT e.t.c. We help business to drive digital transformation across the full product cycle and deliver sustainable innovations to market.

Our focus on agile approach to end-to-end software product delivery in the field of embedded systems, web and mobile applications, server side programming, web-design allows our clients to get more than mere reduction of operational costs. Attractive rates, and deep interest in boosting technology startups allows us to build software solutions, which are configurable, scalable, and easy to deploy. We’ve got extensive expertise in IT outstaffing services, particularly searching, evaluation, and attraction of local IT candidates for the external markets.

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