• 27 May

    We are looking for Lead DevOps Engineer (AWS, GCP, Azure) to join our team. We have the wide variety of projects in such domains as healthcare, e-commerce, finance, travel, retail, banking.

    Eugene Bombela, Recruiter at SeyaGroup
    Azerbaijan, Canada, Georgia, Ukraine   Full Remote · 5 years of experience · Upper-Intermediate

About SEYA group

We've assembled world-class architects, developers, and engineers from across the globe to ensure we deliver reliable services to our customers.

Drawing on a special group of experts and their experience, our dedicated staff are multi-national talents, who have earned their position with us based on their training and experience. Each one of our specialists is a professional, hard-working individual, who won't stop until the job is done, and our customers are truly satisfied. Our digital wizards' flexibility and outstanding expertise guarantee that they'll create exactly the kind of cloud solution that your business needs.

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