About RenderX

As founder and CEO of RenderX, I'm looking for an opprtunity to create a company, that will improve medical records situation in USA, and will benefit from, and benefit from RenderX product and accumulated knowledge over the year of flexible presentation of content.
RenderX is a virtual company with ownership and management in California and corporate office in Palo Alto.
We are small, but very effective and very good in what we do.
We've been in the business for over 15 years.
Our customers range from students to US and EU governments to leading telecommunication companies to financial institutions.
Our product is used from for student essays to formatting budget of the US government.
Full time developers are in several counties around the Globe - Moscow, Kiev, Thailand.
Contract work occasionally is done in other countries as well - USA, Netherlands, Israel.
Main benefits for developers are:
+ Opportunity to be creative. Творческая работа
+ Competitive compensation
+ Remote work.
+ Flexible work schedule
+ Responsible for creation and NOT for lines of code.
+ Very intelligent colleagues.


Company website: